Design of the new premises of the company Styledent

As part of its move, Styledent will retain our services. We will support it in the organization of space and in the development of a concept for the new 1500 ft.ca industrial work space.

In collaboration with the owners, a study was carried out to understand the functionalities of its laboratory and to clarify the production stages that will serve as the basis for the development.

“Our vision is to maintain our position as a dental lab in the forefront of the industry's new technologies and to stand out with our innovative ideas, exceptional quality and impeccable customer service.” (www.styledent.com)

Their vision guided the process and influenced our proposals.

Informations techniques

Production collaborator: Client

Name of project: Design of the new premises of the company Styledent

Location: Laval

Completion date: 2012

project.styles: Commercial, Modern

Photo Credit: Maryse Crôteau


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