When dining room becomes living room!

Breaking down the walls of living area on the ground floor and redefinition of spaces

This was a new project for this couple who, on several occasions, called upon our services. Their motivations: to modernize their residence, to let in the clarity and to enjoy more of the view of a forest landscape. They were determined and resigned to undertake an extensive construction site to achieve their goals.

By breaking down the walls of the sunroom and dining room, an open space was created. The Alumilex windows helped to open to the outward.

The vocation of the spaces was reversed. So, the dining room changed into a living room and the sunroom became the dinette area.

In the end, this redesign provided to the occupants, the satisfaction of a successful project.

Informations techniques

Production collaborator: Brago Construction

Name of project: Breaking down the walls of living area

Location: Saint-Jérôme

Completion date: 2017

project.styles: Residential, Modern

Photo Credit: Marie-Ève Labelle


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