Renovation and opening of the kitchen on the living room

The secondary residence on the lake, where a city family lived, turns after years into the main residence. The linear structure of the kitchen, a place of interaction, no longer corresponded to the needs of the 3 generations.

In agreement with the client, one of the 3 areas of the living room will be requisitioned to offer more options of layout and quality to the kitchen. To do this, a wall is knocked down and the services moved. The fireplace, this central element and marker of time, remains in its original version.

It is around this element that the cabinetmaking, the choices of materials and the atmosphere will be shaped. We consider successful the fusion between what was, its evolution and the way occupants appropriated places.

Informations techniques

Production collaborator: Ébénisterie Xavier collection.
Les constructions Daniel Brisson inc.

Name of project: Renovation of the kitchen of a country house

Location: St-Hippolyte

Completion date: July 2019

project.styles: Residential, Transitional

Photo Credit: Maryse Crôteau


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