Renovation of the ground floor in a single-family residence

Here is an authentic project before and after. Actually, this revitalization has enhanced the architectural woodwork elements already present. In response to the clients’ needs, the living space will be modernized. The fusion of style and transformations of tradition influence into transitional décor are a success.

The windows were changed to large bays with a black leaf. This has improved the perspective on the beautiful landscape provided by golf.

To limit the space of the kitchen, ceiling and lighting were completely transformed. Cabinet furniture has been conceptualized with the intention to harmonize architecture by creating symmetry in asymmetry.

In an environmental concern, several furniture was restored and covered. The decoration was completed by the addition of forging elements and top brand lighting.

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Production collaborator:

Name of project: Renovation of the ground floor

Location: Main residence in Longueuil

Completion date: 2015

project.styles: Residential, Transitional

Photo Credit: Maryse Crôteau


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