Development of a new kitchen, in the context of renovation phases

Revitalization plans were left to new home buyers in Rosemère. This aroused their interest. Based on these documents, the new owners were inspired. When they launch their project to renovate the family room, they will call upon our services.

A few years later, still satisfied with the results, they will contact us again to begin the second phase of renovation: the complete kitchen.

We were all sensitive to the continuity aspect. The challenge was to avoid being fooled by the context of current trends. These trendy materials will be cleverly integrated into this Mid-Century décor.

The decompartmentalization, the reorientation of traffic and the reorganization of work plans have redefined family interaction in the art of cooking and receiving.

Informations techniques

Production collaborator: Xavier Collection, cabinet maker

Name of project: Renovation of the ground floor, phase 2

Location: Rosemère

Completion date: July 2019

project.styles: Residential, Transitional

Photo Credit: Maryse Crôteau


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