Revitalization of the common areas of a residential condominium complex, Le Club Marin

CMC DESIGNER Inc. was approached by the condominium union within of a revitalization project of residential tower on the banks of the St-Laurent River at Île des Soeurs. The mandate was to submit conceptual models and budget studies to define the project.

'’Marin'' is the theme that has dictated the orientation of the concept throughout development. Water, banks and navigation are present in all the proposed details. Actually, the most important element is located in the hall.

A huge recycled and backlit sail is stretched to bring new lighting to this confined space. The images speak for themselves., by consulting the plates you will be able to understand and appreciate the intention both in shape, color and materials.

Informations techniques

Production collaborator: Carl Plante, photo réaliste

Name of project: Revitalizing of the common areas of a residential condominium complex

Location: Île des Soeurs

Completion date: 2018

project.styles: Commercial, Contemporary

Photo Credit: Carl plante and Maryse Crôteau


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