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Complete revitalization of a law firm reception.

In downtown Montreal, at Place Ville-Marie, there is a recognized law firm. The satisfaction of one of the shareholders, following the complete redevelopment of their Laval office, leads us to participate in the revitalization project in Montreal. The aim of the client team in charge of the project was to offer visitors a feeling of amplitude, openness and brightness.

In a context where confidentiality is the basis of the criteria, the compartmentalized office spaces had to remain, only the reception and the two adjoining conference rooms offered a potential new configuration. Where we were asked to intervene.

The analysis of the possibilities, the research of methods and acoustic materials leads us to present a variation of 3 proposals under the same theme. In particular, double opaline glass partitions will act as a bay at the heart of the reception area to solve the contiguous aspect of the space. On the other hand, the effects of the complexity of the ceilings and the quality of the integrated furniture will become markers reflecting the company’s brand image.

The client, having participated in the development process, was very satisfied with the results. To date, the work has not been undertaken, it is with conviction and satisfaction that we believe in this concept presented under these few pictures.


Informations techniques

Production collaborator:

Name of project: 15-21 Dufresne

Location: Montreal

Completion date: 2015

project.styles: Commercial, Modern

Photo Credit: Maryse Crôteau


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